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Aside from a house and car, buying a piano may be one of the biggest purchases you ever make. But choosing the right one can seem a very daunting task. So we have put together this guide to buying a piano. Whether you decide to choose Jeffers or another piano dealer, we hope you find this guide useful .

Start with the introduction, then follow the arrows to move to the next section, or use the contents to jump to the section you want.

1. An Introduction to Piano Buying Basics

2. A Little Bit of the Technical

3. Do I want an Upright or a Grand ?

4. What size piano should I buy ?

5. Quality - How good does my piano need to be ?

6. Touch and Tone

7. Should I rent or buy ? Or can I do both ?

8. New v Second-hand ?

9. Acoustic v Digital

10. The Piano Dealer and the Warranty

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