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J. Edward Jeffers standing outside Jeffers General Store on South Main Street in 1921, with the company's delivery van, a Ford Model T. Two generations of Jeffers with an old Horse Drawn van powered by Tomby the horse, delievering bread in 1943. from left, J. Edward Jeffers, Alan Jeffers, Peter Jeffers. The Jeffers Music Showroom in 1971 with a classic Hammond organ in the foreground. Loading at the back of the shop into a 1914 Fiat truck with solid tyres: (From left to right on the ground) Jasper Jeffers, Jim Deasy, Mick Long with horse. On the roof is Travers Jeffers with Terry the dog. Terry would regularly travel from Bandon to Cork and back on the roof of the truck.


It all started over 100 years ago when John Jeffers, Alex's great great grandfather, opened a general store on Bandon's South Main St. in 1904. With his sons, Percy and Jasper, John began to build the business - including a retail grocery business, a wholesalers, a bakery, an auctioneer's office and an animal feeds business - and soon the name Jeffers of Bandon was well known throughout west Cork, with a fleet of vans, delivering to shops and farms throughout the county.

When Percy died, Jasper took over the auctioneering business and Jasper's sons Edward and Travers became the third generation of Jeffers to work in the business.  By this time a provender milling business had been added - driven by a 75HP Petters twin diesel engine. It was the custom to purchase grain from farmers, store it and then mill it for animal feed stuffs during the year. Maize was imported and for a time unloaded at Kilmacsimon Quay and brought to Bandon on Sentinel steam lorries.

In 1955, John Jeffers' great grandson son Peter joined the company, after spending four years with different companies in Dublin and Wales learning the business. It was he who planned and introduced Munster's first ever self-service supermarket, when Jeffers of Bandon unveiled its new shop in the early sixties. Then in 1968 an Electrical and Television business was opened at 10 South Main Street, and in 1971, a music department was added, dealing in pianos and organs.  The first pianos sold by Jeffers,  sourced from the Dutch Linder Company, cost the princely sum of £110.

Soon, Jeffers were one of the country's leading suppliers of organs and pianos, installing organs in hundreds of churches throughout Ireland, and supplying Cork's new Opera House with its first piano.

But it was only when the fifth generation - Peter's sons Alex and David Jeffers - joined the business that the Jeffers music department really began to grow and expand. Peter encouraged Alex to go to Wales to study as a piano technician and tuner, and Alex returned fully qualified and full of his own ideas. Soon more staff were added to this department and the music business began to flourish. A Steinway grand piano was purchased for hire work, and this fine instrument was soon in demand for many concerts and broadcasts throughout the country. Today, Jeffers have several of these Steinway pianos constantly on the road, being played by famous pianists from Ireland and abroad.

David Jeffers took over the organ side of the business and supplies instruments to churches throughout Ireland.  Jeffers are the agents for Allen Digital Church organs, the largest manufactures of church organs world wide. They are noted for their longevity giving excellent service for fifty or more years. Jeffers also supply organs by Viscount of Italy, an ideal instrument for the smaller church, and they provide a complete advisory service for churches as well as maintenance and repairs.

Today the piano business includes a large showroom with a huge inventory of different pianos, and a fully equipped workshop which is the largest piano repair workshop in Ireland. Manager Jonathan Smyth heads up a team of qualified tuners and technicians, overseeing the repair, reconditioning and rebuilding of pianos for concert halls, schools, leading musicians and private customers. Customers are always welcome to visit the showrooms where many other instruments are available, including guitars, amplification, keyboards, digital pianos and music books – and tours of the workshop can be arranged for anyone interested in seeing our craftsmen at work.